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Dear Don,

What a wonderful, wonderful awe-inspiring book you together with Mona, your gifted mother, wrote. It runs like a pure water stream running from the heights of true revelation, fully biblical based, truth the Lord in His kindness and mercy showed you while walking with him. I am so thankful to have you as a representative of the ICZC on our team.

May the awesomeness of this message stir many true believers to love the Lord – our very life – with all of our heart and strength, dear Don. I am thankful to God for you!"

Jan Willem van der Hoeven
International Christian Zionist Center

"Don Cobble's Before the Beginning of the World: Unveiling the Mysteries, Eight Visions is an extraordinary work. Spiritually inspired and Biblically based, it unveils God's marvelous plan 'before the foundation of the world' and gives us great hope for 'the ages to come.' It will bless you, encourage you and help you realize 'the best is yet to come.'"

Chris Mitchell
CBN News Bureau Chief Jerusalem

For God so Loved the World

The message in these pages transfixes me: it is a veil pulled back to reveal pre-Creation heavenly events that lay an added foundational dimension – but take nothing away from – the heart and “thinking” of Creator God as my limited capacity has understood it.

God is love, as we say. How remarkable to be given a richer revelation of the intensity of that love – of His heart for His Son, the love of which we also have become beneficiaries.

Yes, God had a Bride in mind for His Son even from before the foundation of the world. That is why there was an “in the beginning.”

Reading the revelations at the heart of the book, I was struck by the rich portrayal of what Don Cobble was allowed to encounter, and convey. My breath caught at the scenes of glory even as my spirit rested easy with the sense of humble reverence with which the vision scenes were laid out.

Spiritual evidences abound that we are living at the winding down of the age. In and among the Body of Messiah worldwide, tares flourish and deception is rife as those who would glorify themselves rather than cause men to glorify God try to tickle our ears.

Not so, I attest, the author of this work. Don is one of the finest and most self-effacing men I know. He is a faithful and accountable brother of whom it can rightly be said: “He fears the Lord.”

What the Spirit has shared with him, and what he has faithfully sought to convey to us, should cause all to bow and worship the Lord.

Kol Hakavod b’shmo! - All glory to His name!
Stan Goodenough - Jerusalem Watchman

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