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If I had to choose one book to explain life and destiny, it would be this amazing volume. In clear and concise language, it is a library of the brilliant magnitude of God’s plans and purposes that began before there was even a world. Through 8 unexpected visions, Don Cobble’s theology was revolutionized into an explosion of understanding. You too will understand for yourself, things waiting to be discovered about God and His world. It is revelation that fits every hope in your deepest heart.  

What you are about to read is not only enlightening, it is thrilling beyond words. As skepticism concerning the Bible continues to increase, God is also illuminating His message in a way that even the skeptics will be challenged to rethink the vacuum contained in their unbelief.

Yet, I invite all readers - believers and skeptics - to search the Scriptures and see if these things be true, just as the early Christians searched.

Every effort has been made to retain the integrity of Don’s  visions, the Scriptural references understanding of his insights. The mission has been to put these revelations into a readable format for this generation, to whom they belong.

This book is divided into two sections:

Section One contains the Eight Visions Don Cobble received. I advise you to read through the eight visions for a clear understand of the central message.

Section Two takes each vision and adds commentary, for greater insight, Scriptural underscoring and personal application.

Wherever you are in life, this phenomenal book is for you.

The book is told in first person by Don Cobble.

Mona Johnian, Co-Author

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